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1.350th scale H.M.S. Amethyst


I have always wanted to build a scale model of H.M.S. Amethyst and when I saw deans marine model I decided to purchase the hull. but unfortunately the hull was:nt accurate enough for me,so I sold the hull. In the meantime I kept on to Dave Carter of White Ensign models to bring out a model of a modified black swan .when he produced h.m.s. starling I over the moon. but the conversion to h.m.s. was;nt quite after a chat to Dave he allowed me to rewrite the conversion and also to produce master moulds for the conversion.also I rewrote the requirements for the update of the brass etchings.
the main parts of the P/E needed where the lattice mast, the cradles for the dinghies and the 27ft whalers required an extra pair of davits.
when I completed my model of h.m.s.amethyst I used the lattice mast from the kit of ORP  Poriun, this was as close as could be and looks correct on the of the finished model are shown at the 2012 Coalville taken by Martin.

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