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Hi all,  have recently been scratch building model boats using old (ish) wood.  In a recent case obechi, I dampened it before use to see if the outer wood grain would close up a bit.  The finished product was OK but as my teachers used to say "could do better'.
A  few weeks ago I could not resist buying an old Billings kit less fittings for a fiver.  I have another old Billings kit started but not yet planked and I wondered if anyone has any tips on restoring the mahogany (?) planking before use?

I am tempted to use new wood for this but it is a bit expensive.
I know I can steam it and bend it but the finish will probably still be open grained.
So apart from bin it and buy new, any ideas?
regards Roy

Old hardwoods can be extremely brittle. You could try using boiled linseed oil, I know it works for cedar. If you have a good old fashioned hardware store, they probably have some and could advise. Maybe Stermat, or failing that, Amazon.

Another tip I read about for restoring life was to mix 3 parts extra virgin olive oil with one part white vinegar. Apply with a cloth.

Thanks TT I can try the virgin oil no problem.  But what about gluing it afterwards?
regards Roy

As for glueing, you could try.
After application of oil and vinegar. Make sure it is fully dry, on the surface. Then wipe off all surface residue with white spirits.

This might work, as I use this to (believe it or not) prepare wood stained with an OIL based stain, before using a WATER based varnish. Glue choice could still be an issue, but maybe not. Some woods are oily anyway, and glue ok. You could do a google search on oily woods and glue.

Hi TT thanks for the response, it is a bit of a long term project so will try on spare wood and see what happens.
kind regards Roy


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