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Author Topic: XRAD's Electric Catamaran TOBSD  (Read 826 times)


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XRAD's Electric Catamaran TOBSD
« on: July 18, 2015, 10:12:45 pm »

I bought one of these TOBSD Chinese hulls off ebay. Arrived in about 2 weeks in perfect condition Very nicely made, very light, fiberglassed inside seams. Perfect fitting cover and good design. Hull measures a true 34in stem to stern, and overall with rudder is 37.5in.

 I removed the 540 mounts and installed TOBSD's 28 size mounts(ordered at same time). Installed Leopard 2845 3540kv motors and Mystery 100a esc's. Running 3s 5200 lectron pro's and MadFlow J2C93 2.4GHz TxRx I took out of my Madflow. Also, running 5538 metal props. props are in-running (tried outrunning, but made a big sloppy rooster tail and was slower). 4mm stainless clamp nuts (4mm motor shaft and 4mm flex cables) Flex cables are opposite wind and need to be installed for correct propeller turning.

 This is a light setup and gives me very good high speed handling. Suspect the speed to be at least 50mph. The boat runs just on the rear of the hull,  props and stingers at full speed and does NOT porpoise. Ran her on a good size lake with minimal chop and some flat calm areas. Just a fantastic build for the money. hardest part was removing the old motor mounts. I get about 5-7min mostly full speed run time.

Unfortunately, I hit the rocks. Hull fine, one prop bent and likely slight prop shaft bend. Wore out one stinger bearing and now shaft is too loose side to side.

 Also, I had had several emails back and forth with sales person Liu who has always responded within a few days.  Had an issue with a Mystery100a esc. Hooked it up and did a slow run in, but it fried in 5 seconds.  Luckily, I bought 3 at 26$ each off ebay. The other two worked fine, although sometimes it seems that they do not always sense the signal from the Rx.

Updates to be installed:
seaking 120a esc's x2
4s Lipo packs 5200mah x2
better ground SS opposite wind flex cables
New 73mm stingers with replaceable Teflon bearings
new set of 5538 props (38mm 1.4 pitch). will be testing 40mm 1.9 pitch aluminum props and 36mm three blade as well

Kintec Racing has all the necessary parts except the props, had to order from Chinebay.
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