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This build is for anyone building an Albert kit to use as an instruction manual, it's meant to show the assembly process for those wanting to start their Albert's before I have a chance to produce a proper instruction manual, please free to ask any questions that might help someone with their project or if I haven't quite explained something well enough.


So let's start with the display stand.

The pack should contain 10 structural parts and 16 pegs (the pegs are in the little zip lock baggy)

I am a fairly impatient kind of model maker myself so I usually use a fast drying CA or super glue, there are too many brands to mention but I normally use Zap-a-Gap or Loctite 401, alternatively if you are more comfortable with a wood glue or epoxy either of these work just as well, the only place I insist on the use of an epoxy is when glueing the rudder tube and the stuffing box into position.
Once the part is slotted into place you really only need to apply a small spot of glue onto the peg to stop it falling back out.

One end slotted into position.

The other end in position but not yet pinned, also here we see the foot slotted on and glued into place, all the parts are mirror images so you can't get them around the wrong way but it does pay to check that the engraved name is up the right way.

All done showing the locking pegs in place (and the name up the right way).


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