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Author Topic: unidentified TID TUG Rebuild  (Read 1501 times)


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unidentified TID TUG Rebuild
« on: January 02, 2016, 05:01:05 pm »

Well, a few months ago I bid on fleabay for a Tid Tug. Description was Duplex Tid Tug for sale, needs work/finishing. There were a few pics as it came with a radio (27mhz) some bumpf on Tid Tugs, some pics of real Tid Tugs and plans for a Duplex Tid. So me thinks I'll have a pop at that for  a few quid. Its was also local being only 2 miles from where I live!! I then forgot all about it! ........ Until the winning bid notice pops up on my mobile!
So off I go to pick it up. Meet the owner who said it was his brothers who died the year before. I pick the boat up with all the bits, nearly forgetting to pay the gentleman, and toodle off home.
Once home i have a quick look at the boat, and realise that the deck is coming away from the hull. (i did post a note on here about how to rejoin the hull and deck). I recheck the boat and look at the plans and recheck as I dont believe what i'm seeing. the Duplex kit was vac formed hull and upper decks but the actual boat I have is a fiber glass hull and upper works with a plastic deck. I then put the whole thing on the back burner due to work commitments and becoming Secretary at LDMBC.
Today, I actually got the boat out and have ripped off the deck, it was attached rather badly with epoxy and a bullwork of some rather poor balsa strip. none of the epoxy had actually adhered to the hull! I will upload some pics soon with what i have done so far. Any advice is always welcome. ps below is conversation that will be had with a certain young gentleman some of you may know..

moi Andy can you do me a favour
Hairy Andy yes Pete whats that
moi Can you rebond this hull and deck together please
Hairy Andy yes Pete, i will do that for you as you are a kind and generous person!

I will report back how the real conversation goes.......he might even see this and reply on here!!!! LOL
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