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Author Topic: SSK Oyashio class submarine submersible model 1:700  (Read 990 times)


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SSK Oyashio class submarine submersible model 1:700
« on: March 19, 2016, 02:10:06 pm »

My idea was to convert a regular kit into the model be able simply dive in some vessels available at any home. Therefore, I did not want to use well known sub drivers for conversion of models to RC. Iíve decided to use a well known physical principle of diving of a cup in water. It should to take a cup, put it in a vessel of water (open side toward the vessel bottom like a diving bell) and attach some ballast to the open side of the cup to allow the cup with the attached ballast to float at the water surface (positive buoyancy). Now, if to seal the vessel and then increase air pressure inside the vessel, water will come inside the cup instead the compressed air. The higher pressure, the more water comes into the cup changing thus its buoyancy from positive to negative value. As result, the cup dives. If pressure then is down, water comes out from the cup and it surfaces. This principle is shown on this movie (since 07:00).
Iíve selected the Hobby Boss Oyashio kit scale 1:700 for the conversion due to its size small enough to be put into some water bottles available at any market. This model is very simple. It consists of several parts of very good quality and compatibility. There are no any decals at the kit. Marking and painting include just a black vessel, a brass propeller and silver sliding devices on top of the coning tower.
To convert the Oyashio kit into the diving model, Iíve prepared (carved) eleven aluminum cups and glued them into the bottom of the submarine vessel (please see appropriate pictures). Then Iíve provided appropriate plumbic ballast (fishing sinkers from my son J), assembled the model completely, painted it and thatís all. To prepare a vessel for the diving model, Iíve taken a regular transparent 5-litters bottle of water (available at market), fit it with hoses, manometer and pumping bulb with a quick-release valve (it is commonly used for manual blood pressure testing). For sure, an air compressor could be also used for that. It was absolutely amazing filing when operated this submarine model! Absolutely!  The operator feels the diving model with his hands. It was fantastic! Moreover, it was very easy and available at home. The model diving can be watched on this movie. Also, the movie shows the diving principle used for this model conversion as well as some other stuff Iíve converted for diving. 
If you want, please put Like for the movie and also subscribe for my channel to support my project and get new movie in time. Thanks!
Short history of the Oyashio class.
 The first diesel-electric attack submarine of SSK Oyashio class was launched in 1998 for Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). In total, eleven submarines of this class have been built. The last of them was commissioned in 2008.The submarines carry 20 torpedoes (type 89) or UGM-S4C Harpoon missiles.  Displacement: 2750 tonnes (surfaced), 3000 tonnes (submerged). Length: 81.7 m [268í1íí]. Beam: 8.9 m [29í2íí].
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