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Author Topic: Paddle wheels  (Read 1905 times)


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Paddle wheels
« on: April 18, 2016, 07:24:50 pm »


Very occasionally the question of paddle wheels is brought up so I thought forum members may be interested in the following photos showing the various paddle wheels on some models seen at the recent Ship Ahoy show in Glasgow. I will try and explain, as best I can remember, what they are:-

(above) These are the modified Graupner Glasgow paddle wheels as fitted to the P.S. Glen Rosa now owned by Andrew Petrie. This is the model that featured in a four part build article in Model Boats back in 2007 (I think) and built by John Gray. In the text of the article he mentions and photographs the fact that he cut off the outer rim of the Glasgow paddles to reduce their diameter but still had to make adjustments to the paddle boxes.

You can see here that the rim has been cut off (above).

(above) Allan Lindsay's P.S. Bournemouth Queen also has Graupner paddle wheels but Allan went further by reducing the size of the blades both in width and depth, depth also to further reduce diameter.

(above) Tom Ewing's P.S. Lucy Ashton also has modified Graupner wheels. In this instance the original rim has been cut off and a wire rim added. Ironically all the NBR paddlers on the Clyde had rimless paddle wheels but these rims were added for protection of the paddles. Tom also painted the wheels to 'lighten and thin' the details so that they looked les model industrial.

(above) Now we move to home made wheels and the rimless floats of Ian Fleming's P.S. Waverley of 1899. These were done in the usual Modle Steamer Club fashion from steel plates chain drilled and then hammer in a buck to form the dish. A nice touch that the floats are actually wood as they should be.

(above) The paddles of Ian's P.S. Lord of the Isles (I) with the paddle fans being removable for any access required. Paddle blades of steel, as they should be.

(above) Lastly the 10 float paddle wheels of George Sutherland's R.M.S. Columba that I currently sail. Self built by George.

All the above are on 48th scale models.

I hope this may be of interest and help, but.... if you want real paddle wheels....

(above) 24th scale paddle wheels on the P.S. Jeanie Deans.

All the best


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Re: Paddle wheels
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2016, 07:38:43 pm »

And the models they are attached to:-

Bournemouth Queen and Lord of the Isles

Glen Rosa

Waverley and Lucy Ashton

Columba, with Lachie Stewart's paddle minesweeper in the background.

Jeanie Deans

Also there:-

Caledonia, with 1947 Waverley in the background.

24th scale Talisman.

Display below decks at the Ship Ahoy show on the tall ship Glenlee at the Transport museum, Glasgow.
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