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Author Topic: Seawind carbon fiber model  (Read 1176 times)


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Seawind carbon fiber model
« on: June 17, 2016, 08:44:14 pm »

Hi All, this is my first post so I hope it is slotted into the correct place of interest. About a year ago I got encouraged to buy a Seawind RC yacht as the group of guys I sail with, predominately compete with the Seawind class. There was only a carbon fiber model in stock at the time so I bought it as a ready to sail edition. I could not understand why I was always the underdog of our group and having a competitive nature, I started digging deeper as to my inability to keep up with the flotilla. The carbon fiber boat is lighter than the standard fiber glass model which meant that the designers had to make up the weight somewhere. They made a heavier bulb to keep all the boats to a certain weight. I was competitive in wind over 6 knots but anything less than 6 knots, I was dead in the water. With a bit more understanding of the boat, I realized that the boat could not heel as much as the fiber glass models which meant I couldn't point as high so with each tack, I was loosing substantial ground. I am definitely of the opinion that the carbon fiber model is not as competitive. I have since bought a fiber glass model and my frustration is gone as I now have a competitive Seawind. My question to this long explanation is - does anybody else that has a carbon fiber model experience what I have discovered? (Which might be the reason for the CF model having been discontinued)
I sail with Gauteng Model Boat Club (GMBC) the RC yachting division currently has 17 active members and growing each month. We meet almost every weekend and some Wednesday's "golf day" as well. Working is for people that don't know how to RC sail.
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