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Author Topic: Anyone-Suggest:V/good TUG builder or Company?WhoCan build or upgrade Tug for Me?  (Read 1136 times)


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 :-) Hello Dear friends and a very belated Happy~New~Year to one and all.

This is my first visit for a very long time,
Must be honest had almost given up the hope of ever owning my dream TUGBOAT?
But I thought I might give it one more shot, to see if I can come to some arrangement with a an individual or maybe a RC-Boat-Company %) to take say ready to run tug and maybe upgrade+add ons?I like the look of the:-Naviscales 1:50 Baltimore/NewCastle Tugboat or something very similar?But I was told when I first mentioned this particular tug that it could benefit from certain upgrades and maybe a few additions!

Now as folk might recall I am not able to build anything myself (lots of reasons)I am old now and in very poor health,so one good tug will be it for me.and I would be so very grateful for any help what so ever.Folk may recall that we are very lucky to have 3 interlocking lakes approx 65 metres from our house(we live in the wilds)

I have tried on various occasions to find someone nearer to help but no luck.Not only that I know UK builders are amongst the best in the world.I am closer to getting a long awaited payout,maybe in the next month or two so thought I will try and put something together prior to placing the commission.I know many folk do not like the idea of added SMOKE AND SOUND UNITS But I certainly do along with lighting e.t.c.I thank you in advance.

Regards Steve :-))

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