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Author Topic: Idea: Snort/RCABS Hybrid  (Read 689 times)


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Idea: Snort/RCABS Hybrid
« on: June 29, 2017, 10:39:32 AM »

Need comments if this would work.
Have an idea of combining RCABS with a SNORT system. In regular RCABS an airpump moves air from inside the wtc to inflate a bladder which displaces water inside the ballast tank to make the sub rise. To submerge air inside the bladder is released back into the wtc via valve premitting water to flood the ballast tank. Drawback to this system is that it develops negative pressure inside the wtc which could cause leaks through the seals.

My idea would be to incorporate a snort system to the wtc. Again to surface the pump sucks air  inside the wtc to inflate the bladder.  Now as the sub rises a snorkel head complete with a float valve breaks the water surface this allows air to enter the wtc negating the vacuum and supplying extra air to fully inflate the bladders.

To dive, again a valve open letting air out of the bladder back into the wtc causing the sub to dive. Excess air flows out through the snort mast which acts as a one-way valve.  Air flows out but stops water flowing back in. The inherent elastic property of the bladder helps push air out.

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