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Author Topic: Sad Irony  (Read 847 times)


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Sad Irony
« on: July 23, 2017, 09:23:22 pm »

I have been a fanatic of the American sitcom M.A.S.H. for as long as I can remember, including all of the older black and white editions, and am not normally emotional about much, but tonight's 20.30 - 21.00  segment was very poignant.
It starred a very young actor who had been injured, but had brought in a very badly injured pal and comrade whom he described as the brother he had always wanted.
The badly injured comrade needed blood and so he volunteered his own as they were both the same group.
On routine testing Hawkeye found that he was in the early stages of be precise Leukaemia and had to tell that soldier. The soldier refused to go to Tokyo, for treatment until he knew his buddy was on complete mend, knowing that putting off treatment might be  prejudicial to his own prolonging  of life.
That very young  actor was a certain Patrick Swayze, who himself died of cancer 45 years after he had played that emotive part.
One of the reasons I have always liked this programme[and probably the only sitcom to come out of the states] is that it had a story  to every half hour programme, and is as good and well written and timeless in it's own way as my other favourite, Dad's Army.
And all I can say after watching this evenings episode is that my prayers go out to all of our members who's lives have been and are blighted by this horrible disease and hope that some day, our brilliant scientists worldwide will defeat this scourge on humanity.

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Re: Sad Irony
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2017, 10:05:40 pm »

It is heart warming to know that every year progress is made in the good fight. The steps are sometimes small and sometimes they are huge. Sadly I think everyone knows of at least one person who has had cancer or is in the throes of battling it in its hydra of pain and evil, or most sadly has had a friend, or worse still a family member die from it.

I don't think I have seen a full episode of MASH, but I know it is a cult series and am glad to hear it was well writted.

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