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Billings Coast Guard conversion the Stavros way

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Right you lot out there Stav is really pxxx xxf with what is going on out there in Mayhem land with you little lot with regards to paint,so me being me decided to put the record straight so to speak,and before anyone posts well I use such and such,let it be known straight away your posts will be REMOVED IMEDIATLY.
This build has been chosen deliberately to show you lot HOW IT'S DONE,so lord help me if I get it wrong,any boo boo's will be shown and not hidden,I do not use any photographic aids to enhance or modify photos(don't believe in them).
Right lets get on with the build

Right this kit from Billings is aimed at the raw beginner so it is supposed to be simple even I should be able to build it,well so far all I can say about the kit is what a load of Pooh Pooh.As far as the fittings kit is concerned 10/10 laser cut wood 10/10 fit of wood 0/10,what I hear you all shout,well me has only removed the motor mounting/batt/esc or what ever you want to call it base plate and the fit is atrocious so that may well be the first thing to be binned,what a good start I thought to my self.Hull quality 10/10 ins booklets and plan absolutely DIABOLICAL,as i have built Yachts from 33ft to 45 feet in steel and can easily follow plans to my heart content,well if this is for a beginner well lord help them.There is absolutely no recommendation on motor size,batt location etc so my score for the build manuals etc is -10/10 or in other words diabolical.Overall impression with the kit and contents 5/10 ,Harsh words I know and someone I suppose will shoot me down in flames on that but what the heck this is MY PERSONAL OPPINION

Photo 1 is of the Box
         2 Hull in the box
         3 Box contents
         4 ins manuals
         5 hull plan
         6 stand plan
         7 plan of deck
         8 plan of wheelhouse

Right more photos
Photo 9 is of the wheelhouse
       10 Masts
       11 gen view of hull
       12 Fittings kit
       13 Built Stand   
       14 Hull on Stand
       15 front deck trial fit

Right paint that will be used on this build is available to you all at Halfords you see even I will use aerosols due to their convenience.I will try my best to pass on my wealth of knowlage with you all,it is up to you if you follow my advise,all techniques used are relevant to all types of aerosol paint whether they are Acrylics or enamels.

First rule NEVER try mixing products,what do you mean Stav well simple don't try and be clever by using an acrylic aerosol on top of for example Plasticoat it will react,the same applies with putting acrylic over humbrol(Ask Tug Kenny on this one ;)) Kenny did not mean to single you out O0
Please if you are going to spray your pride and joy that you have spent hours building keep to the same product throughout,but here is the confusing bit,most Enamel sprays will go over acrylics please don't ask me to name them I wont.My advise to you is simple stick to ONE make and don't chop and change


Hi Clegg right length ovl is 29 ins a wee bit small I suppose for LLanberis Lake but what the heck i will have all the power I need as for motor well Graupener speed 600 so it should have enough power to combat anything the lake can handle.The guy's at Steve Webb were gobsmaked when |I asked for them but hey as I said if you got Ferrari do you allways drive it full throttle does that answer you I said.


Forgot to mention as the Coast Guard colour scheme is white I will convert this boat to the Waveny and base it on 44-001 which is based at Chatham dockyard,this is so you all can see how to put on the various colours etc and more than anything the masking techniques



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