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Billings Coast Guard conversion the Stavros way

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Right some progress was made tonight nearly had a nervous breakdown when I placed motor on top of the hull strengthener that Billings have supplied back to the drawing board on this one!!!!!!!
Rear cabin has been built a lot of sanding is needed on this piece due yet again to poor fit of wood
I tried to decipher the deck and superstructure plan as they said it was so important to get it right,funny I thought they have forgotten to give measurements of the wood that you use on the sides to support it let alone where you place them,oh what fun I am having NOT. more will follow after me has cooled down !!!!!!!!!!!


Picture 16  Shafts and P bkt
          17  Shaft and strengthening Bkt
          18  Motor with slight attitude problem !!!!!!!!!!(Especially for Ghost ;))
          19  Rear cabin assenbly
          20  Main deck showing footwell
          21  Main deck again with batt access removed
          22  Rough idea what it might look like to cheer me up O0

Right me been busy again Front wheelhouse has bee built oh what a pig to get the window frames correct a right swine never mind they are done.Sanded the rear cabin and front down for the application of filler,filler I will use is Easylight available from halfords it sands down a dream.After filler sanding sealer Will be applied 2 coats then priome.


Picture 23 font wheelhouse
          24  """"""""""""""""""
          25 Rear cabin ready fro filler in the joints
          26 Front cabin as above


OK I just can't think of everything,but it just has been pointed out to me that if questions are to be asked where do we post them!!!!!! silly me forgot that one well it's simple lads and lasses post them in the PAINTING thread that I have started in the PAINT  section of this forum,ASK AWAY  and I will try and help,try no way ho-say I WILL HELP


Build on hold for 2 weeks got to go to Scotland to work for this period hope you lot can wait till then


I am back so here we go painting starts here.
First job was to mix and apply the filler on all the edges to make sure no gaps were left prior to the application of the sanding sealer.After the filler was applied it was first rubbed down with 80grit and then finished off with 180 grit both sanding was done DRY simply because filler is porous and wood absorbs water common sense really.
After I was happy with the filler 3 coats of sanding sealer was applied rubbing down with 180 grit DRY
Grey primer from Halfords was then applied after giving the sanding sealer all of an hour to dry.NOW please note you should leave for at least 48hrs to dry thoughroughly but I know what I am doing and can take shortcuts!!Sorry cant tell you this DUE TO HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUSES but a heat gun was involved ;)
3 coats of grey primer was applied one should leave at least 20Min's between coats so the solvent can evaporate then left for 24hrs rubbed down with 180 grit then the filler primer applied but as I am using an advanced technique of wet on wet I can get away with it.
Aguide coat was then applied over the filler primer this is so one can see where one has rubbed down,a guide coat should be used on all primers black is the ideal colour as you can see me being me used red,I did not have black,but as the parts are being primed again and the final colour is orange it did not matter.
The reason that I say Black as a guide coat is simple it does not bleed through other colours red will bleed due to the strong pigment

27 Filler that was used
28 filler being mixed
29 Filler applied to cabin
30 As above
31 Filler on rear cabin
32 filler sanded
33 Sanding sealer applied


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