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Author Topic: merchant training  (Read 719 times)


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merchant training
« on: November 14, 2017, 12:50:19 am »

Colin.........when you next on your cruise and you see a container ship coming up  from behind...........warn the captain some loon is at the helm.

my daughter came home with a classic today. she was watching someone on one of the simulators at college today, waiting her turn to perform, doing ECDIS  training with her class. the student was helm on a super container ship coming into Southampton, using the bridge camera, when suddenly their Ecdis tracking became stationary.

"think there's a fault on the ECDIS"  they proclaim to the tutor who was sat watching all the students......"switch to the bow camera" he retorts...

this they did, and found they'd run up the 'bottom' end of a cruise ship making for port also............"oh" they said....."what does COLREGS say about this one" they exclaim...."as the bow spotter didn't say a word".............."blame it on the simulator" cried one of the other students, as they all gather round  taking photos of the screen...........thank god that she and her group still have some time to go before they gain their ticket. The tutor just sat there issuing profanities at them all.

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