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Author Topic: cover for thunder tiger Winch  (Read 1173 times)


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cover for thunder tiger Winch
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:03:57 pm »

I've just built my first model (thunder tiger) yacht,on fitting the cover over the 8141 winch it's to big the winch rubs on it ,also the hatch is pressing on it, obviously its to high. Has any shipmate got a solution,send any answers to my e mail *** removed*** Cheers gannet849d

***Hi, as a new member you may be unaware, but we don't advise people to put personal details directly on open forum, as these can be misused in several ways. There are 'bots' that act like a robot virus, that go looking for personal data, as well as other ways the info can be mined. Mis- use includes identity theft.

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