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Author Topic: Torpedo Boat Destroyer - Fastest Boat in the world - a restoration job  (Read 1063 times)


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Thanks for that info George, really interesting. When I started modelling and used bread and butter for the ic Smeed Empress of Britain liner I had to settle for Parana pine which had knots and tended to split. I did make the hull but it was too heavy really and unstable so the model never got finished.


Hi Colin,I don't want to high jack Dave's Thread but old Churches are a source of Yellow pine , well seasoned and knot free.



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To answer a couple of earlier questions about the displacement for this boat here is my rough calculations
HMS Daring 185 feet long, 19 feet wide, speed 28 knots

Model length 92 inches - waterline
Model Scale = 185 feet divided by 92 inches = 1:24
Approx displacement = Length x breadth x displacement x coefficient for a destroyer
92 x 9 x 4 x 0.505 = 1775 cubic inches = 29087cc = 29 kg displacement.
For 3 inches displacement  = 1331 cubic inches = 21811cc = 21.8kg
Scale displacement = 3 inches, model will sit deeper in water upto 4 inches so displacement should  be 22 -29 kg

Whilst this boat is long, I can carry it on my own without too much trouble, its not massively heavy, so these back of a fag packet figures seem about right.
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