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When to water cool Motors?

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Ive been reading a little about RC motor cooling.
But cannot seem to find any info as to when this is advisable to install?
Should this be installed on all model boats, or is this for racing boats?

Jerry C:
Spit on it. If it spits back, cool it.

Feeding water to a motor inside the boat always runs the risk of loading the boat with unwanted water.  The only time a motor needs cooling is when it is being asked to do more than it should.  Normally, that only happens in a high performance racing boat.  Anywhere else, it is possible to fit the right motor, which won't need cooling.

Many thanks all.. thats all I needed to know  :-))

Yep my friend normally it is not necessary.
But if you really want one you can get water cooling systems, but it is just raise the complexity.
Ebay is your friend 😉


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