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Author Topic: Looking for someone with expertise to build/Upgrade "HOOBEN PERKASA"?  (Read 809 times)


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Hello Fellow Members.

I will keep this as short as possible.For quite a while off and on,I have being drawn to the HOOBEN PERKASA BOAT!I must have read nearly everything of note on this model,and yet I still can not work out if this model is good, bad or indifferent or all three I suppose dependent on whos feedback you read.
I have read very mixed reviews and the basic message comes across that the model is OK but needs a lot of work to bring it up to scratch? hope I have got that right?

I read that the plastic is very thin at certain points, that the detail/Quality is poor and the list goes on.
But I also read some old  feedback from some guys who have made a very good boat with some work.

Must admit I like this boat,I like the idea that it can be-fitted out with all manor of extras:From Torpedos To Turret-revolving +up and down on the gun itself,+++ lots more, most of which I would like very much.

I myself live in Norway in the wilds,I can not get very far these days and I badly need a hobby ,we have lakes 60 metres from our door so it as always made sense to eventually go for RC Boats,Firstly it was going to be a RC Tug[/b].But for some reason kept returning to the RC PERKASA.

Whilst handling completed boat is no real problem, any building/upgrading/painting e,t,c, is not possible! even if I was in perfect health, I am no artisan!and will leave the building to the experts.

So my question is this,can anyone either on the forum or elsewhere,possibly take on a commission to obtain all the bits of this boat + all extras and upgrade/Modify e.t.c. where required to bring up to spec.

I would truly value someone who is both honest,trustworthy and above all as real expertise when it comes to these boats,that would mean a lot to me for many reasons?

I am hoping for a payout from a very long running court case which is how I intend to fund this project, but it would be really great to get some of the pre planning in place.

If anyone who reads this knows of people who might fit the bill to help me out, I would be so  grateful if you can please forward my request.

As a footnote I have looked at other models but I prefer the HOOBEN.please feel free to contact me off forum if preferred

many thanks In Advance Steve
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