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Greetings from Canada's West coast

During my 13 years as a modeler I have been inspired by the mini-harbours created by European clubs, my favorite being the one at ST. Peters in Southern Germany. My friend Bryon Calverley and I do not have the resources to create such dioramas so we decided to downsize our ambitions and build a simple set of jettys which we could set up in a matter of minutes at a local pond. Because the pond had a gradient it was necessary to distance the jetty a few feet from the shoreline to an acceptable depth ( which equates to the height of my rubber boots ). The shorter jetty was designed to accommodate four different interchangeable buildings which match the role of the model alongside. In this way we no longer sail around in circles. The jetty buildings were built from .060 styrene and secured to the jetty by small pins glued to blocks of wood inside each building.
This was not a particularly expensive project but greatly enhanced the fun of sailing our various models. The challenge was to attempt a docking without destroying the model in the process.
Cheers from our local pond.Bryon Calverly and John Callin

Forgot to attach photo of the coast guard jetty and the URL for our BLOG

see more of our models at

The longer 60 in jetty

They are nice 'sharp' looking boats. Scratch built or bought over your way? I like the coastguard boat.

Hello Walnut

Thank you for taking the time to visit my thread.

I have many Coast guard supers, thesmaller one is a 39in model and the SAR design is a 45 in model.

The 39 in hull has three supers which are interchangeable and the 45in hull has two supers.

My models are all freelance designs, scratch built with GRP hulls, styrene decks ( 39in ) and superstructures...the 45in hull has 3mm Sintra decks and
styrene superstructures.

Drivetrains -  45in 2 x 755/40 Robbe motors driving two shafts with 2 x45mm 5 bladed props, the 39in-1 x 755/40 motor driving 45mm 3 bladed brass prop

Both hulls fitted with  single 12 volt SLA battery, 1 x Mtroniks 40 amp ESC , 2 ESC for 45in



Now here is a coincidence. I have been mulling over something very similar this week.
Making buildings and jetties for lakeside scenes could be a side project for club members. Something to do for a change of pace, if you are waiting for parts or just fancy a change. Ideal for those club lakes with a concrete bank.
If clubs agree on a particular scale, the whole diorama scene can be extended over time, as any individual can add a new building. It will not matter that a lot of boats are different scales, as long as the buildings work together.  It is something that younger modelers can also get into. Maybe parents could pre-cut and kids can assemble. With a bit of extra design for pins or hinges, these buildings could even be flat-packed. That way members can easily bring both their model boat and building in the car together. At the end of the day, all can be taken home, and so hopefully no problems with the local council.
Not only will it make the waterside to the next level of modelling, it would also generate more interest from spectators, and may even attract a different type of modeller to the club. Maybe some Tamiya trucks or even tankies.
Just thinking at a tangent again.


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