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Hi model boaters. I have not been on this forum for a while so I have a bit of catching up to do. I have just started building another boat, This time it's a luxury yacht at 1.5 metres & using two 300 watt 13 pole dc brushed motors, still working on the hull, but I wanted to know do I need two ESCs to run the the motors to gether or can I use one esc. I want to use Viper 75 amp esc As I have them in my other two boats & I cant fault them with the 75 amp forward & 75 amp reverse makes it realy easy to manuver the boats around. I am sure someone out there has been through this type of fit up before & can help me out with what works & what doesn't work. I have allways found this forum a great place to get the right advise. Thanks.Angus.

Hi Angus64
Nice to see you back, from a fellow Tassie !!!
Which end of the island are you at ???
I am in Hobart.
We sail at the Lauderdale canal Saturday mornings.
If you are happy with the Viper 75Amp ESCs why change !!!

With brushed motors you only need one esc to control both. You would only need two esc if you wanted independent control of each motor to help steering.

Martin [Admin]:

Dual ESC for Dual motor boats is always a good option.... for your tight manoeuvre in Monaco / Saint-Tropez /  St. Michel ... obviously!

   Even if you don't use it, it's nice to know you have it in  your back pocket!  :-)

Thanks for the advice, I thought one might work but wasn't sure. I have two proboat ESC 50 amp just incase I needed to experement with the ESCs I didn't want buy two of of mtronics Viper 75 amp ESCs they don't come that cheap at 124.99 UK pounds- $222.74 Aust. They are the best unit if you are running big motors & well worth fitting in your boat. Thanks all for your help.

Canabus asked where I live, I am in the north west Tas at Penguin & sail my boats on the lake in hiscutt park not a big lake but big enough for model boats. Happy sailing. :-)) Angus.



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