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faulty angling technics procat

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Hi all,

I'm hoping you can help/offer some advice on a problem I am having. I have an old MK i AT Procat that has developed a fault. On researching the topic the fault seems quite common, however I have been unable to find a solution.

The fault lies with one of the motors (right hand side) running constantly at seemingly random times. The boat can function normally for extended periods, but will malfunction if the boat rocks or is knocked. Upon taking the boat apart the fault appear to occur if the the microchip touched (although this is not something that would happen when the boat is on the water). I have included an image that may help (not mine i must add). When the fault occurs the MOSFETs on the right hand side (labelled 2) start to overheat and smoke, also the non-latching relay (#3) is silent where as the non-latching relay (#4) clicks. it is always the right hand MOFSETs that overheat and these control the right hand motor. The LED's for the boat are also wired into the right hand side however these have also stopped working and never come on.

I have replaced the handset and crystal with no effect. I have limited knowledge of circuity but i really enjoy learning, if this is something that i might be able to fix I would really like to try.

I appreciate that this may be a lost cause but if anyone could help i would really appreciate it. I hope I have provided enough information to start a discussion.

Thanks in advance


Can you lift out the PCB and inspect the solder points on the backside, I would guess that you may have some bad ones and / or corrosion between the points.

Sounds like a dry joint or two on the
IC holder.
As Tica says, you need to look at the
underside of the PCB.

Dear tica and Netleyned,

Thank you for your quick responses. I have removed the PCB and attached a picture. There does indeed appear to be some corrosion. Does this look enough to be creating problems? The presumed faulty side is on the right of the image. Working from right to left the first two on the outer edge (one above the other) are for the LEDs, the second two are for the troublesome motor. The central two are connected to the power source.

Iíll attempt to clean them and see if this helps. Any further advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated

Best wishes


Clean up the points with a toothbrush and some alcohol / contact cleaner.
Inspect all the point with a magnifying glass, looking at the picture I would take closer look at the left of the 2 points in the middle. It looks like it has given way but it maybe the angle of the picture.
You can also just resolder all 6 points to see if it helps.


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