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Author Topic: Taycol brushes  (Read 821 times)


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Taycol brushes
« on: August 09, 2018, 12:11:45 AM »

Hi, I have retired now and got some time to sort out projects that were on the back burner including refurbishing a couple of my Taycol motors. Has anybody found a source of the mesh needed to repair the brushes on the large series motors? I corresponded some years ago with Dodgy Geezer and others on Mayhem and I have found the Taycol site but it does not seem to have been updated in some time and the link to mesh suppliers does not work. I think I will probably just concentrate on the Supermarine and the Double Special and put the Marine 6volt and the Meteor back on the shelf for display. The Double is in an Aerokits Sea Queen and went very well but of late it sometimes refuses to start unless the shaft is given a turn and I put that down to worn brushes but if anybody has other suggestions I would be happy to receive them. Cheers, Ian.


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Re: Taycol brushes
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2018, 10:15:48 AM »

Welcome back, Ian
A google for "60 gauge copper mesh" had the expected mixed results (mostly the wrong metals), but about 20th down on the fleabay hit, past the brass, stainless and aluminium examples, was an actual supplier of copper mesh.  Not cheap, but probably better than trying to weave your own from the insides of stripped flex.  I seem to remember slot cars from waayy back using metal braids as pickups.  No idea at all if such still exist.
Worn brushes will have the effect mentioned, but their side effect is pitting of the commutator which makes matters worse.  Being metal to metal, they do need lubrication, the downside is that any sparking will oxidize the oil, and the residue will give problems.
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