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Wiring Diagrams

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Ghost in the shell:
based on some information that has been asked, This is a wiring diagram thread.

Please keep them simple and easy to follow.

2 batteries parrallel with 2x speed controllers using a seperate battery pack to supply Rx

Ghost in the shell:
Two Channel setup using seperate battery pack and BEC enabled reciever such as Mtroniks "VIPER" or the Proboat Tornado 50

Ghost in the shell:
One Motor, One battery, BEC type ESC supplying power to Rx,

Ghost in the shell:
One battery with ESC supplying power to RX, two motors Parrallel wired

Very useful!  O0  O0

Can you please do one for a non-BEC ESC (or a mechanical SC), with a BEC-enabled receiver taking it's power from the motor drive battery, powering a single motor?


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