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Al Smart:
Hi all,

I am looking to build a model RNLI hovercraft (Griffon 470td) and I was wondering if anyone has any drawings

I have been to Griffon, but because of the age they couldn't help me much, so the next step has been to contact the RNLI museum and I am still waiting to hear back from them.
By the way i think this is a great site!


I asked both the Hoylake and Morecambe lifeboat stations which have the hovercraft and both gave me exactly the same answer.

"we don't have any,try contacting Griffon directly"

as the RNLI WILL NO LONGER supply plans for any of their current lifeboats, that is the only direction you can take, I'm afraid.

ok. first off join the model hovercraft association. lots of help on tgeir dedicated site. also on Facebook.
second the only model hovercraft shop is palaform
they do a Griffin 600.
third, and I cannot find any links at present....mark porter did a free plan of the Griffin 2000td. this was the single engine version of what you are looking for. I'm sure the plans are out there, but i cannot find them.on a smart phone.

found the manual with dimensions

I seem to recall that there is a hovercraft museum somewhere - portsmouth? (Drew Pritchard went there for one of his antiques programs once) maybe they will have plans you can get copies from.


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