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Author Topic: Turnigy AquaStar T20 3T 730KV/1280KV Water Cooled Brushless Motor  (Read 516 times)

Terence Gregory

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Hello, I have with the assistance of the chairman of the boat club built a 1/12 scale of the RTTl. Yes its 68 inches long. during the building of this boat I decided to fit two motors with sufficient power not to be concerned if it will get up on the plane. as a result and they looked very nice I picked the turnigy T20 quarstar star or delta configuration. (this might have been a mistake)

Having got the boat to the test stage my partner in crime fitted the motors and running gears esc etc. with two hobbking 130amp. these worked well on 3s lipo battery wired in delta 1280kV rating. due to the lack of large capacity 16amp plus 3s we decided to up the battery to 16amp lipo 4s and run on star configuration e.g. 720KV. Since the first esc packed up (reverse stopped) I have tried.
2 turnigy aquarstar 160amp, didnt even work out of the box
2 turnigy 150amp  one worked one didnt out of the box, with the one working made the motor sound like a petrol engine miss firing after 3/4 throttle.
I have now 2 more 160amp aquarstars which work on a small turnigy motor and yes they still make the motor sound like there misfiring after 3/4.

Has anyone used these motors and had any joy with trying to control them. I have spoken to hobbyking who say they have contacted turnigy and they said, use the turnigy 200amp esc rated at 6s to 12s at 130 each, with the need to reprogram the software to allow for the extra pole. and using 6s will give the shaft speed at 27,000rpm. They did also say it SHOULD work.

Terry Gregory

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