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Hi Guys,  advise needed. I am thinking of side stepping in to a hovercraft, purely for something different. Would you suggest buying s kit from palaform for example, or, being as I also have a set of plans for a Griffon, would you go for total scratch instead? Ive looked at the mickey mouse things on ebay, but they just don't appeal and prefer something that actually looks like a overcraft [with cabin].
Manny thanks & Happy New Year.

I've got a fuison 400 and love it. its greet fun.

yep have a brushless fusion 400, also a baby Griffin and a Griffin 2000tdx. all great fun

interesting? if it was in the uk perhaps

Plastic - RIP:

--- Quote from: jaymac on April 23, 2019, 02:48:07 pm ---interesting? if it was in the uk perhaps

--- End quote ---
Hey - I saw these too - they look freaking awesome - apart from I'd want it to be the size that it looks in the photo (I estimate about 4' long in the photo) but it's only 20 inches.

The skirt looks to be a moulded plastic lump so I don't think it will be like a proper hovercraft - but it looks amazingly 'different'.I'm already thinking about making a bigger foam-board version.  Might even get one to play with it and steal its secret technology  (like the Chinese often do).


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