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Hull planking masterclass wanted

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I have been putting this of for over a year now the reason being it sort of scares me.
Planking the hull of my scratch built Anteo.
I started to do it with no idea and realised it wasn't going well so I stopped and a year later its as was.
So some one please help.
I have an old Anteo hull only  I bought damaged of Flea Bay for a few quid so I rubbed down the hull to expose the planking and realised it was double planked gulp so my scratch built needs double planking to.  But I thought I would do one layer of planking and the top layer GRP cos I'm ok with sticky stuff.
So the question I need something to bend the planking any hot (pun intended) tips home built steamers and benders?
What clue to stick?
Does it need to be pinned as well? If yes what size pins ?  cos there are sizes and yet more sizes.
Oh gloom this should be enjoyable but at the moment it ain't.

Hi Rod
It may not be a master class, but this was my first crack at double planking.
A 1920's Gentleman's Runabout double plank with veneer.
Steam some of the hard ones using an electric kettle(cheap old plastic one).
Not used to make a cup a tea !!!!

I built my  steam bender from a wallpaper steamer and a length of 1 1/2" drainage pipe, since I bent up the ribs as well as the planks It got a lot of use.

I soak my planks in Windex for 20 minutes or so, and glue them on with medium CA while still wet.  No pins, no screws, no clamps.  Just lay down some CA on 3-5 frames and stick the plank on and hold it with your fingers for 30 seconds.  I have built two plank-on-frame boats this way with great results.  These are single planked using 1/32" balsa.

I made a plank soaker from a piece of sewer pipe just longer than the plank material.  I hang it by my bench so it's handy to the job.

Mark T:
Hi - The Anteo is a really nice tug and the planking is not that hard if you plan it out.  The only thing that makes it a bit tricky is getting around the prop tube but if your painting it a bit of filler will sort this out for you no problem. Have a look here - its not finished but we could build them together mate :),59708.200.html


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