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Author Topic: Time for action  (Read 1980 times)


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Time for action
« on: March 31, 2019, 04:10:10 PM »

Some 15 months or so ago , I posted in this section "the time has come to admit that, due to age and other concerns,  my racing days have come to an end. Given also that the only readily available water is sail only, I have gone back to my first love of sailing r/c yachts."

Due to a couple of trips to the USA and a modicum of ill health, the threatened cull of my racing fleet never actually happened. Now , with the advent of Spring ( not to mention certain mutterings from the other half) I have begun to look at things again. For some time , I had been collecting appropriate engines and hulls to go racing. My main interest being in the smaller classes (AA, A & B)  . Today I started going through my engine collection to see what I had and was surprised just what I had accumulated. I actually have 34 glow engines across the 3 engine sizes, mostly Webras or K&B's with a couple of OPS, Irvines and CMB's for good measure.  Most of them are either boxed and unused or very little used, though why I ended up with 3 Webra 91's when I didn't intend to race C class I am not quite sure!

Tucked away in the garage are several virtually complete boats and lots of those spare racing hulls that we keep, just in case. Again there are several C/D class size though I never intended going there!   Looks like I am going to be spending a lot of time photographing stuff and writing sale adverts , either for the classifieds here or for the dreaded Ebay.  If I can reclaim the 3rd bedroom (man cave) and the garage , I may be spared further mutterings and threats of booking a skip. If the gardening implements can be extracted from the garage without falling over nautical clutter, my small fleet of yachts and electric powered offshore style boats may be safe!



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Re: Time for action
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