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Ultra-cheap smoker

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Plastic - RIP:
I built this today from a bit of scrap plasticard, a dounhnut ultrasonic vaporiser and a minifan - all works off USB - total cost 2.50.
I'm quite pleased with the result...   :-))

Big Ada:
Very nice,
Being somewhat dense when it comes to anything electricery, can you show us what and where things go to make one please, and where to buy the bits.
Yours runs off a USB, so is that 3 volts?.



Also very interested especially looking for proportional control and mucky smoke( Diesel )

Hi Len I have a few and am sure there 5volt so could run off the bec.
               Regards Howard.

Plastic - RIP:
Cheers   links are for identical items but you need to look for the better prices.

I've got a parallel circuit in the boat that has a DC-DC converter that takes anything from 4-40v i/p and it has USB (5V) output with an LED voltmeter built in - 99p for 4.   This feeds a 4-way USB hub which powers everything.

The Vaporiser is a USB doughnut shaped one from Ebay China - less than 2

The fan is a USB 40mm fan, again from China - 99p for 2.

I've got a load of different batteries that fit in my boats with different voltages so everything is compatible with everything else.  USB powers all the extras like lights and the smoker.


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