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Author Topic: Another one of those Bait Boats  (Read 1646 times)


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Another one of those Bait Boats
« on: June 27, 2019, 09:06:46 pm »

 Hi Ladies & gents[/font]Iím hoping someone can point me in the right direction on a bait boat build I would like to start. I know some donít see these as model projects favourably but if i build it will be with the same love and attention as any other builds in the future plus it will help me understand some of the basics before moving onto other projects.[/font]Iím 63 now and enjoy my fishing but casting doesnít get any easier and I can more or less drive to my swims but as a pensioner cannot afford the luxury of an overpriced mass produced boat, plus as an ex engineer I enjoy tinkering and making my own when I can. Anyways I digress.[/font]The shell measures L68cm x W 48cm .x H22 cm and is of layered fibreglass. Iíve tried to work out what I need but just want to make sure before I ask the missus for extra pocket moneyÖ[/font]My shopping list so far is;[/font]X2 Mtroniks 600 6v-12v Electric Motors (brushed)[/b][/font][/color]X2 WP 1040 60A Waterproof Brushed ESC[/font] [/color]X1 Mtroniks v-tail mixer[/font][/color]X2 4mm shafts running either 35mm or 40mm 3 blade props[/font][/color]Powered by x2 12v 9ah lead acid batteries hopefully given me a running time of approx 1.5 to 2hrs[/font][/color]Iím also led to believe I have to buy a pair of props x1cw & x1ccw and reverse the leads on one motor for reverse operation.[/font][/color]The receiver and transmitter are not a problem as I have fitted these before but in case you need to know I will purchase a 2.4g set up[/font][/color]Iíve only ever built single motor, small speedboats and yachtsí for the kids when younger and so this is all new to me but the ex engineer in me wants to take this to another level if this one goes to plan.[/font][/color]Thank you for listening and thank you for taking the time to answer.                    [/font][/color]Regards[/font][/color]Kev[/font]
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