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Giving hovering a try.

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Saw a post about building a hovercraft, was in between esc's for my other boats and had some parts and materials laying about and thought I might just give it a try myself.

I was given a piece of Kerdi-Board, which is a fabric reinforced dense foam board used for tile work.
Cut the basic shape and started piecing it together.

So far it has worked but the 2204 2100kv motor was a bit light for the lift fan and was overheating the 30 amp esc. I changed it to a 2208 1900kv motor on the same esc and it still warms up but not as bad. The duct is 6 1/8 inch and the 3 blade prop is a cut down 7045 x 3. I heard somewhere square tips are better in a duct.

The rear duct is also 6 1/8 inch but it still has the 2204 motor and is only using a 2 blade 6045. That is a little over powered for thrust but I can adjust the endpoints if need be. The lift fan is on a VR now as the return on the stick was making it awkward starting up. The wiring is a bit of a spaghetti junction right now but once I have got everything working how I want it and painted the wee beastie I will clean up that mess.

After testing it a few more times and while  wait for the esc' to arrive I have started dressing it up a little.

The two vents in the sides of the deck will be used for cooling the esc, there will be another vent just in front of the thrust prop to draw air through and over the heat sink on each esc.

I have to run the battery wire through from the battery bay under the deck and reconnect it in the electronics bay with some sort of switch. I am not sure how heavy that will have to be. I am currently using a pair of 5200 mah 20c batteries in parallel so it may have to be quite heavy.

I am looking forward to getting this finished. The twin air boats should be done about the same time.

Quick coat of paint and reinstalled electronics. Still waiting for the new esc's but they should be here soon.

Tug Fanatic:

--- Quote from: Antipodean on September 10, 2019, 03:08:08 am ---

..................... but the 2204 2100kv motor was a bit light for the lift fan and was overheating the 30 amp esc..................

--- End quote ---

If a 2204 motor was overheating a 30A esc without cooking the motor I think that you have a esc that is nothing like 30A. I believe that a 2204 has a maximum current of less than 10amps.

Seeing as the esc was faulty that would explain why it wasn't overheating the motor. They were old esc I had laying about from a failed tricopter that took quite a beating in my efforts to make it work. One had already burnt out on a 2208 motor on an airboat. That should have been a sign to pitch them and get new ones.


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