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Author Topic: christmas and new year bad luck  (Read 424 times)


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christmas and new year bad luck
« on: January 05, 2020, 05:46:56 AM »

two common faults to all this, one being myself.
had a sail on the 27th dec. lent my caldercraft  boat to an experienced member who was poodling around the lake with her while i was helping another newbie. he called me over  and asked if i had a smoker on board.  i said yes but it was not connector, looked at the boat and sure enough smoke pouring our the vented funnel. got her pushed,  in and the motor was totally seized.  when i got home, stripped out the motor and stuck a new one in. ran her for 20 mins on low  speed and then increased speed over a 5 minute period with a watt meter attached then bipped to high speed for 1 minute. total amp pull was 6 amps.
fine, took her down the lake 2 days later for normal club day. hot down early, connected everything as per 2 days previous. bent down to retrieve a shinry thing off the floor and smelt that familiar smell. looked up and the esc was pouring smoke out. quick disconnect of battery and let it cool down.  took the esc out, a well known brand that i hate, but it was in the boat so i had left it in as it was one of the older mk1 versions which were better. it had desoldered one of the motor leads from the esc and completely melted the inside of the esc.  it wa dunked in the water and thrown in the bin.
i carry a couple  of spare Escs so it was immediately replaced and the boat on the water in 15 minutes where she stayed most if the next 2 hrs.
we then had another newish member turn up, and believe it or not his boat did exactly the same! same brand of esc, although this was a newer version! again i replaced the esc out of my spares section and off he went.
at about 12 we had a totally new member turn up. he had lived locally for years,  but never realised there was a boat club. his family had been walking in the park, seen us, came over and spoken to  a member then phoned him to come down.  he bought a lovely newly finished boat down that had previously sailed on some lakes in Welwyn. he set up and nothing worked. i went through everything, checking voltages at junctions, reset the esc and even stuck my tx and a new rx in the boat. nothing. turns out the same brand esc as the 2 above had gone belly up as well! he was disappointed, until out if the spares box, came my last esc. He was going to take it home and put it in his self, with some advice given on not soldering the esc wires directly to the  motor, but to connect them through a junction, either bullet connectors  as supplied or wagos.
hopefully, we will see today!
so 3 sane brand escs in one day! 3 boats running on 6v or  7.2v nimh or pb.
ps why do i carry spares escs in my field box? if i out them in my loft  i would never find them!!

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