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Author Topic: Aeromarine Sprint Cat 90  (Read 419 times)


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Aeromarine Sprint Cat 90
« on: October 27, 2019, 01:37:09 pm »

 This is a boat with a little of a back story, back when I first started boating this was owned by a guy at the Stevenage club, who was blind in one eye and had tunnel vision in the other, so he was never able to drive his own two boats. He was perfectly happy to turn up every other week and have myself and another guy drive his boat.

He could quite easily have build something slow and easy for someone with his sight issues to control, but instead he build a 42 Aeromarine Sprint Cat, dropped what is one of the best hydro motors ever made (and certainly was at the time it was made) and off it went. On our lake, it happily achieved 60mph+, and there's so much potential left in it.

Unfortunately Pat departed us this year. He was a truly lovely bloke, and I'm sure he'd have wanted his boats to remain in the Stevenage club, so I set to making sure they did. I have the Spint Cat, someone else has his Canard (more on that another time). The boat has not run in at least 8 years, so I've rebuilt the motor with new bearings, changed the tank, built a new radio box with new servos, redone all the linkages and changed the pipe to something a little hotter. All that is now left to do is the rudder pushrod (left my M3 die at work didn't I?  %)  ) and we'll be away. Shall set up at Stevenage then take a trip to the bigger lake at Elmbridge to see what it'll really do...

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