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Working sea buoys scale 1:87-1:50 for my crane barge "Friesland"

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I already have some sea buoys, but I can't open them for maintenance. That's why I build new ones. I took some plastic boxes with screw threads and glued 3D printed parts on the top and under the bottom. That means they can always be opened if any water is inside or if the battery has to be charged or replaced. Ok, the buoys will be a little bit too large for 1:87 scale, but I didn't find more little plastic boxes.

The first 2 pictures show the unpainted and painted buoys. They all get a little reling sidewards. This is not prototypically but I need the reling for connecting the hook of the crane. The electric equipment will be quite simple: on-off switch, may be a charge connector, LED+ resistor, recharchable LiPo battery and a microprocessor with very low current consumption for flashing the LED.

How much fun you can have with sea buoys shows this little movie taken in Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg:

The first buoy is alreday working. The painting does not yet match the type of buoy: Southern cadinal mark, the bottom has to be black instead of yellow. The flashing is already ok: 6 quick flashes + 1 long flash.
More information for this type of mark:


Finished. I created a storage magazine and added charge connectors. Now my crane barge is waiting for service...

Would those have been empty weathering powder plastic tubs by any chance?  I made some buoys this kind of scale last year on my printer (no finished function though!!!!)-I don't believe in printing useless "benchys" as a test.  Better to do somethig more meaningful.

Thank you :-)I think almost every kind of tube/box is usable when the diameter matches the requirements...RegardsHarry
As far as I know the printing files got my friend from the internet but modified it a little bit.


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