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conforming 1 mm plywood to front deck

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dillinger 04:
Hello Everyone

I am looking at building a scale model vintage outboard racer . Wanted to do a 1 mm plywood mahogany deck
front, however it looks like the skeleton frame for the front is warped in two different directions in this design .
Seeing plywood is hard to bend I was told would need to be cut in order to fit properly to the contours of the front deck
I have never done anything like this how hard would it be to do, and what direction would you orient the wood. Would want to keep it lite as possible if done right would the end results be a nicely looking solid wood front deck .
Any help would be appreciated

depends on the size of your boat if you can warp 1mm ply to conform. If 1mm is too stiff consider double skinning in 0.4 mm ply

dillinger 04:
Hello Balbrick

Thanks for responding to my post appreciated have you ever double skinned a tight radius deck with 0.4 mm ply
which is warped in two different directions the boat is small measurements  length 500 mm beam 232 mm

  If you don't want suggestions- Don't ask

If its supposed to fast thinner/lighter ultimately better surely, especially if it is small. Have you tried anything yourself yet?


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