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Modelling timber- pitch pine


I am building a pond yacht having taken a mould off my 36 inch yacht which is at least 70 years old.
I used to buy model timber from Keith Jewel at modelling timber supplies, but unfortunately he ceased trading.
My query is does anyone know where I can obtain some pitch pine suitable for making spars, or even pitch pine dowel in suitable lengths to plane down and shape.


   I would try a local Architectural Reclamation and Salvage Yard, google for one near you .  They will be cutting up some really nice old wood to make furniture. Victorian church pews were often made of pitch pine .  We had one at Guildford make a kitchen table top for us .  If they don't have off cuts I am sure they will cut down to a useful size lengths for you

Hi Andy,
Interesting little project, nice hull with a shallow keel ideal for ponds with weed ! any idea what it is ?.
I also used Modelling Timbers and now use Jotika in Droitwich for similar timber stock,
pitch pines not listed on his website - but they produce high quality static period ship kits, might be worth a phone call.

Mantua Models also stock similar timbers including Walnut dowels, SLEC are another modelling supplier.

You may be lucky in B&Q's/Wickes etc Richard Burbidge rack of moldings/dowels -
finding something straight without finger joints will be the difficult !
Noticed a new addition in B&Q recently - a handy cardboard box containing metre lengths of small sized 'straight' strips of timber,
stacked vertically on the floor near the main moldings rack - could be planed to shape.  Paul


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