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Joe's scratch Puffer

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I thought I'd move the build log here the under correct group, I put a copy of the Puffer drawings I posted in Bella's build log [,65481.msg702929.html#msg702929 ] as a reminder of what I'm attempting to scratch build, a bundle of wood is due tomorrow from Slec and I've made a start by cutting out the keel from the one sheet of ply I had that was large enough and found a board in the garage just right for the build slip, I'm known for building quite fast but I think this one will take some time as I'm just feeling my way with the hull shape and cladding, all good fun though.  :-))


Mark T:
This will be a good one - good luck with the build Joe  :-))

Oh good, here we go!  O0 O0

Will be watching Joe  :-))

The VIC 27 restoration website has some cracking photos of her out the water in Crinan, with VIC32 on the slip behind her also at one point. Good source of photos / inspiration if you didn't find it already.


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