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Hi all,

I have just bought a Dickies tug to use as a rescue boat, has anybody bought one of these and revamped/rewired it?


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Faraday's Cage:
Hi Russ,

If you have a look under the Builds section of the main mayhem site, you'll find a good example of a conversion that has been done.


Martin, thanks for the link, did you do any re-spraying on your boat? Was it easy to remove the stickers etc?



Martin [Admin]:
My boat still looked like it had just come out of the box when I had finished.
I think the stickers should come off with the aid of a hair dryer and a bit of
patience ....

I'm just finishing off a Dickie conversion and plan to post photographs in a couple of weeks.

I followed Martin's conversion in respect of the rc upgrade and changed the receiver, esc and rudder servo. Power comes from a 6V, 4Ah sealed lead acid battery.

As far as the externals are concerned I must admit that I got a bit carried away and stripped everything off the deck and built a new accomodation structure and moved it forward quite a lot so that it looks more like a modern tug. I sprayed the lower part of the hulll with red ochre undercoat and the upper part with satin black. Having seen photographs of tugs with the decks and accommodation areas finished in the red ochre undercoat colour, and having liked it, I also did those of the Dickie the same. The stickers came off very easily and I used lighter fuel to remove any residue.

The deck crane, inflatable dinghy, mast assembly, front fender and tyre fenders were not reused. I have built a new, much simpler mast, which is now painted yellow, a radar assembly and radio mast. I have reused the wheelhouse, two cable reels/winches, the liferaft canisters and the ladder.

I'm now building some new railings which is just about the last thing I have to do. I've carried out a bath test and ballasted where necessary and it does seem fairly stable.

If the weather is suitable, railings or not, I shall probably sail it for the first time at my local club this weekend. I'll try and take some photos and post them with the others.


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