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Hi all,
I have been out of modelling for a while.
My last project was the Robbe Atlantis, alas I sold her to someone who had more time on their hands.
I have just bought the Krick Comtesse, does anyone have any pointers, types of epoxy adhesive to use as everything has changed since my last build.

Many thanks.


Hi, did you get any replies? I am currently building the same kit and had some help from model boats forum. Currently preparing the sails which have confusing instructions. This is my first attempt at a sailing boat. Have built a Huntsman but before that an aircraft builder.

Hi sorry for the late reply, I have not had any replies since my original posting.
Have you any pictures of yours?
I haven't done much to mine as I wanted the motor kit and no one seems to know when it will be next available.

Best regards


Morning Steve,
I haven’t bothered with the motor which I may regret. I have completed the internal ply supports etc. I experimented with a variety of adhesives and found that nothing was particularly strong so I tracked down Stabilit, the recommended one, at Gliders Near Newark and although a bit messy it sticks well.
Drilling the mast and boom was interesting. I have a Dremel on a stand and bought a pin vice from Screwfix to hold the mast etc. I lined the jaws with balsa to prevent damage and outcome was good. This week I have been making up the sails. I had great difficulty here, never done anything similar but found a copy of the instructions on line dated 2020 whereas the ones in the kit were 2018.The extra detail helped.
I have had assistance from ‘George’ a guy in Norway via the model boats forum who built one last year. He has offered loads of advice which has been vital, especially fitting securely the wing keel. His forum name is geocon and lots of pictures. I have a few on that thread and will be adding more soon.
Let me know please how you get on when you build and if I can help in any way I will try and do so.

Martin [Admin]:


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