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Is Mayhem at Wicksteed 2021 still on?

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Is Mayhem 2021 still on ?
Is Wickstead park still running ?


Martin [Admin]:

Good question!

I'll ask our secret agent Nick to see what's what with Wicksteed Park....   :-))

Hi everyone

Iím in the process of finding out what the guidelines will be or potentially be as the lockdown restrictions are eased (obviously depending on the data and dates that the government provide of course). Iím currently deployed for a month but trying to get hold of the park liaison officer as we speak. The park is okay and has survived due to lottery money and donations being kindly given to the park. I donít know whether itíll be the same weekend as we as a country will not be 100% certain of large group meetings until itís announced as itís definitely happening. Iíll give the original dates and ask for what they perceive to be okay ones in case but Iím just saying that I donít expect the May weekend to be 100% do-able until we know for certain.

Right then

Iíve contacted the park and yes we can have Model Boat Mayhem at Wicksteed this year but Iíll need to zoom call or telephone call the liaison officer next week to get the latest information on what is going on, how it can be done, and when of course. If the original weekend is the date we go for just be aware that restrictions will still be in place and encompass the park in general so some careful planning would have to occur. If we go for after the magic June 21st date (provided government advice doesnít change) planning will be easier for us and more people will be able attend. So watch this space and Iíll find out what the park plans and advice/recommendations will be.

Martin [Admin]:

Top man!   :-))


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