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Ikarus craftair BL motor setup & suggetsions for props


Hi there
Still cleaning up my workshop and stumbled over a "forgotten" kit of a iIkarus craftair, there are no power packaged with the box and it's not available  any more, so I would go for a BL solution. Also the main prop is missing.
So any advice about a BL power set-up and choice of main prop?
I guess that I can stay with the 280 brushed as lift motor.

Martin [Admin]:
One of these?

Some info on RCunivrse:

Hi Martin
Yes that is the one, thanks  :-)) strange that I didn't managed to find that on RC groups as I'm also a user there. And that is a lot of power her has installed in that one.

Hello Carsten,

You are probably aware of this already, but there is a Model Hovercraft Association in the UK. Perhaps someone there could provide advice?


Hello Peter
I have found it after I posted this, and I think that the link Martin provided gave me what I needed at this time.
No work on the workshop as it's toooooo hot 27C in the house and 31C outside these days.


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