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Author Topic: Painting Model Slipways Wyeforce tug  (Read 201 times)


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Painting Model Slipways Wyeforce tug
« on: July 01, 2021, 09:52:39 pm »

Hi folks

I bought a partly built Wyeforce tug boat about 15 years ago then got married and had kids, and I've now finally dragged it out of the loft to continue with it.
At the moment I'm busy trying to rectify some really wonky glueing of the superstructure that the original owner did, and I've managed to break apart the badly glued up wheelhouse (which was never going to fit together properly), so I'm focused on doing the best I can to neaten and straighten it all out, but I'm also conscious of when should I be painting different parts.

When I google it I find lots of pics of boats that are almost fully built with no paint on yet, but it seems like it'd be really difficult to paint a lot of it neatly after some bits are already assembled rather than pre painting some bits.

I wondered if anyone knows of good guides for the order of when is best to paint particular parts when building a similar type of boat, as I don't want to find out some bits are a nightmare to do because I should have painted them earlier in the build process for instance.  I had a few bits of build info with it but didn't see anything recommending the order of painting it, and painting models is not something I've done tons of before so am looking for a few tips if possible.

I was going to start anyway by using red oxide primer on the whole outside of the hull, then will add black of some sort higher up the hull once I figure out the best way to level it for adding a water line.
I'm sort of assuming for that, I will need the roof of the superstructure flat and level with the boat on the stand, then can mark the waterline around it?

Sorry if this is obvious stuff to you seasoned model painters, but it's my first proper decent scale model and already having to correct the previous owner's bodgery so want to make it as good as I can.

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