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Any ideas of the best way to rig this R36R
This is how it came to me
Looks like the lines were above deck and the battery and rx lying in the bilge.
How do you attach pics.
Been away for a couple of years and its all changed

Hi Netleyned,

We have several model yachts that are dual control, radio or vane steering and have the radio system, including rudder and sailwinch servos mounted in the main deck hatch with all the lines running above deck.  We sail with the Vintage Model Yacht Group in Sidney Park in Cleethorpes on the last Sunday morning each month.  We should be at the next meeting on 26th Sept from about 10:00 - 12:00 am.  We will bring along a 36R that is set up that way and you are welcome to come along and have a look and if you wish, take photos of the installation.


Netleyned, if you were planning to come along to Cleethorpes on 26th Sept, the VMYG meeting has been postponed for a week and will now take place on Sunday 3rd October.

Thanks for the info Gareth, will see you on the 3rd.


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