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ACTion P94 set up

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I’m I’m working an old model which has an ACTion P94 mixer in it.  I have the basic P94 instructions but certain parts of the esc are not mentioned.

Firstly, the diagram shows 3 plugs to the throttle, rudder control and rudder servo. However, there is a 4th plug which is not mentioned/shown in the instructions.

Secondly, the mixer has some small switches on one side but these are not mentioned/shown in the instructions.Does anyone know what these are for?

Being an old esc (dated 2008 on the back) can it handle a 3S lipo and is it compatible with modern 2.4 ghz systems? I normally use either Flysky or Hobbyking radios.

Item 2 are mode switches and are on the p94 data sheet. Just downloaded it.
Can the esc take a lipo. I doubt it, but a phonecall to Ian at Component shop would confirm that.

I use a flysky 2.4 6ch radio on my Daring with an old p94 20 amp esc no problem

The above data sheet in the orginal post is a twin motor installation sheet
Link to data sheet


The receiver must have its own supply voltage usually 5 or 6 volts DO NOT connect a 3s to this!

A 3s LiPo is 12.6 volts fully charged. The P94 does not know what the battery type is, a volt is a volt. So yes 3S is within the voltage range and should be fine for the motors
The instructions actually say 6 to 24 volts for the motors.

The fourth connection point "H2" is explained in this pdf

The dip switches in your picture are set to 100% mixer 1 off 2 on

If you are using the p92 distribution board? then yes 3s is fine connected to this and of course it has the BEC for the receiver.


Interesting that it is a 24 volt esc. So 3S shouldn’t be a problem with voltage.

I have a few 6 volt 950 mah Nimh batteries for my smaller models, so one can be easily carried to power the receiver.

Amps shouldn’t be a problem as I did a simple water tank test and connected the motors straight up to a 3S battery and, in the water, they pulled a total of 5.4 amps with the boat held fast.

Now need to be out of lockdown to actually run it in the water somewhere.


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