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Author Topic: 1:70 scale plank on frame kit for under 11 including postage  (Read 118 times)

Andy M

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1:70 scale plank on frame kit for under 11 including postage
« on: September 11, 2021, 08:23:43 pm »

Having seen a tiny cnc boat kit online and a build blog, I had the idea in my head of getting a small kit of some sort. That one was about 70mm long and was 20, I wanted something a bit bigger, so I forgot about it for a while as I never had funds for even the 20 one.
 I still have a few projects to finish off, which wont take long, but I am not able to manage them right now.
I have always restricted building activities to my shed, now I am restricted to the house, namely the couch in the living room, for a while yet anyway, so I decided to get this little ship kit. I loved the look of it right away and there shouldnt be an awful lot of sawdust involved so I can build it in the living room.
 I thought that 10 quid odds delivered is exceptional value if it takes my mind off things for even just a little while. I know it will take a while to build it, but I am not going anywhere.
 Looks nicely cut, in the photos anyway, this will be my first laser cut kit, and also my first attempt at plank on frame, so I am really looking forward to it.
 Cant remember last time I bought a boat kit, all the parts nicely cut out, no raking through my scraps boxes to find a big enough bit or bodging 2 bits together. And it comes with instructions too! Chinese instructions are sometimes pretty amusing in themselves, just need to wait a week till I find out, theres a couple of half decent photos I can use if the instructions dont have everything, then theres winging it for any remaining areas 😁
 All through the build, I am going to keep getting the thought 'this was only a tenner! 😁'
 Even if I dont manage to finish it, I can always make a diorama with some guys still building it! Pair of ladders and some bits lying around.... Lol, its a win win.
It is 1/70 scale so could even be salvage for my 1/72 cargo/crane ship, only need to manage the bare bones of the keel and bulkheads and some planking attempts for that one.
 I am sure I will get it further on than that though, just a waiting game now until it arrives.
 I am not good at waiting, so will be getting on with some 1/32 balsa construction in my cargo ship wheelhouse in the meantime, see if I can detail it up a bit.
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