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Tightening the turning circle

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If a boat won't turn sharply enough is it better to increase the rudder throw or fit a larger rudder?

Or is there any other methods that will do the job?

I've already got twin throttles and motors so I can go astern on one engine at slow speeds but that's not really practical when the boat's zipping along a bit.  :((

It depends on your rudder shape and design.  I had to change my Cervia's rudder into a part balanced one to get better steering.

....many many things I could question here before any kind of valid response.  Think about it:  You already have one very good answer of your own volition also unless you are of the more recent Colin MacRae fraternity.

What kind of boat is it?

It's a 34" RAF Hants & Dorset launch with two 550 type motors, and the rudders are already balanced to an extent. Both are directly astern of the the props by about 7-10 mm.


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