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So we've made the decision to move north for retirement, Northumberland and more specifically the Morpeth area. We have had it with the influx in Somerset and anyway our one daughter has settled and bought in Toon Town.

My question is are there any clubs in the Morpeth area that do Small Yachts racing? I prefer that tahn seening anything scale I've built get rammed by a fast electric.

Ty, Robert

hi, Tynemouth club do Seawinds and Ketch racing, tues and thursdays. lake is on the sea front, grand parade. There is talk of trying dragon class as well. nemesis

do they have a website?

Hi, firstly, many welcomes to the best county in the country, my opinion. Nice area is Morpeth. Web site, as far as I know we used to have one but I think it has not been kept up. nemesis

ah thanks, were not up there yet close now here on 22nd of oct, and temp acc. til we close up there, but will contact you once were up there, did you use to do the partworks as well?



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