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A rest from boats.
I bought a 70 yr old stationary engine to restore.

It turned out to be a lot more involved than I imagined.

How I found it

Today almost complete

Full gallery

How are you going to use the "stationary engine" after restoring..?
As a part of generator in emergency or for outdoor life for leisure,etc..?
At any rate,it looks so useful.! O0 :-)


Thank you
Itís going to drive the wife mad  %%

Are you refurbishing the makers plate with
the engine details, Andy?
Any idea why green was the standard colour
for gas oil and petrol engines back in the day?
Great refurb Mate👍

Thanks Ned
As I understand it the correct colour up to a point in 1951 was mid Brunswick green.
I guess it was a colour that was commonly available and used through the industry.
For some reason the last person to play with this painted over the original lighter green to make it look older perhaps.
When I stripped it the original colour was beneath.
Iíve not used that colour but used Emerald green instead same as my tug  O0

I have the original plate which is quite scratched because the muppet didnít use a paint stripper
I will rivet it back on when I polish and clear coat it.


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