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New to boat building and in need of advice.

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Hi everyone ☺ my name is Bryan,

 I'm new to baot building and working with rc components and could use the advice of some of you more knowledgeable folks on which options i have available.

So my journey started when i decided to save 700 by buying a bait boat kit (used for fishing) opposed to spending the extra 700 for the fully built boat.

I had no previous experience with anything rc and the only experience i have had with boats has been with full sized ones.

The boat is a catamaran design and is made of abs plastic, i received all the kit and had a big trip due so rushed the build and made a few mistakes along the way, got the boat barely working until i realised it was taking on a bit water.

After that trip i put it out of sight and forget about it until this year when our anual trip came up so i tried to rush making her water worthy and failed, ended up leaving her at home and now I'm back, I'm eager to get to work and get her water bound without any issues. I have stripped mostly everything off and tried to take it back to the starting stages.

My main questions are:

Can anyone recommend the best waterproof sealant/adhesive to use for sealing around screws which have been screwed into the abs. (The screws hold hinges for the bait release flaps in place) these sit just under the water level when in use so need to be water tight on the inside of the hull)

 The instructions i received are in are poorley translated from german, they reccomend sikaflex 221 to seal around the jet engine, and to seal the 2 halfs of the boat together (top&bottom shells) 

Can anyone recommend me on how i can get spare parts for a KMB JET28 (Rev. 3) including steering nozzle. (As the company won't poop to the uk after brexit.)

Or can someone recommend a different brand who makes a similar jet engine and are available to purchase easily in the uk.

I also need to locate some bowden cable but having trouble locating the same stuff that was provided with the kit i received. The stuff i received is steel cable wrapped in a white plastic then it has a grey plastic sleeve over the top which the white cable can slide through easily. I have found the white cable with steel rod but can't find one with the grey sleeve.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Kind regards

Martin [Admin]:

Hey Bryan,

Welcome to the Mayhem!

Sikaflex 221 is Hobby grade marine sealant -

Lots of other available, how deep are your pockets!

KBM Water jets:

Hi Martin thanks for the reply, i have ordered 3 tubes of sikaflex 221.

As for the kbm jet 28, the company won't ship items to the uk anymore since brexit.

Are you aware of any online sellers who stock there items?
I need several items so at a loss to what i can do to get around not being able to get them shipped to the UK.

Are there any uk companies who make a jet engine similar to the kbm 28, that i could switch it out for, I'm reluctant to use the kbm if it's going to be such a pain to get spare parts in future.

Kind regards

Hi martin, i managed to get a picture of the type of bowden cable i need if you are able to help me locate some? I have tried using google images to search for similar products but all i can find is the white cable with the steel inside.

Martin [Admin]:
Re: KBM parts, have you tried ?

Not seen a 3 'layer' bowden cable before... unless it's plastic outer, plastic inner, metal end, a screw in piece for fittings?!


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