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oiler tank

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any one ever use one of these, are they any good, just an idea as it can keep shaft oiled

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I have never seen a need for a shaft oiler.  Fill the stuffing tube with Lubriplate waterproof grease yearly.  No water leaks, no shaft wear, no oily steaks on the pond.   :-))

The water pressure is enough to stop the oil getting to the shaft, also oil floats on water. If the oil was under pressure you may have a chance if your shaft bushes were worn. If the bushes are good, you would have difficulty getting oil in anyway. I did this sort of thing and hydraulicted the bushes out the shaft. nemesis

Teetering on the brink of another grease vs oil debate which isn't worth going there again.  How much is that kit unless you specifically  don't want to make something?  I've made small oil tanks from whatever before, but I don't use oil on my shafts now.  Personal opinion / experience.

I don't agree with the need not to have a nipple for oil or grease, I almost always fit one now.  It's a no brainer for me over the years unless space or weight is just too tight, but each to their own, and their own application.


this was just something i saw, going to use the marine grease that was mentioned and see how it goes


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